English in Kindom of Saudi Arabia

| February 1, 2013
English in Kindom of Saudi Arabia

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Thomas Robin Parry
MA TESOL (with Linguistics)
University of Sunderland

A thesis submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for
the Degree of Master of Science in TESOL at Anaheim University
“The study is essentially an investigation into the phenomenon of Anglicisation in Saudi Arabia and how the occurrence is perceived by the students studying at university level in the Kingdom. The research will also determine if geographic origin influences the students’ attitude towards Anglicisation and challenge the perception that ‘The [urban] Saudi people have modern attitudes and behaviour patterns relating to consumption and lifestyle [while] the Bedouin [does not]. (Al-Ghofaili, Ibrahim F., Unknown Date: 32). The investigation will focus on the consequences of Linguistic Capital and Linguistic Imperialism and if the students consider English ‘a high-status, world-wide language which is used by groups who possess economic, social, cultural and political power and status in local and global society’ (Talbot et al, 2003: 274).

Category: Thesis