Chen, Yong

| March 29, 2012

Professor Chen Yong works as an EFL and ESP teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, course designer and material writer in higher education and organization training programmes as such in EAP and EOP.

Her first university degree is on English for ship-building Industry which is the first ESP degree course in China from Shanghai Jiaotong University. Her Master degree on TESP in UK furthered and strengthened her career in English teaching and application in various professions.

Chen Yong has worked in interpretation and translation with many types of professions and organizations. Her working experiences in different fields help her teaching and research in TEFL and TESP. She has published research papers on EFL course reformation, ESP programme development, course design, syllabus and material writing. In addition, her Ph. D. study at the School of Teacher Education in University of Hawaii, USA brought her new views and concepts on TEFL and TESP pedagogically.

Besides, Chen Yong has expanded her cross-discipline study in business administration and computer information systems with another Master degree in MBA and M.S. in USA. Her teaching experiences in business and computer application courses in USA and China further strengthen her both research and application in ESP and EFL.

Moreover, Chen Yong has worked as a senior consultant in industry management computer systems for quite a few years, which crosses applying and expanding her linguistic knowledge in ESP. Recently, Chen Yong has been involved in oversea Chinese teaching as a professor, textbook writer and programme director.

She is applying the academic and teaching experiences in TEFL and TESP to general Chinese and business Chinese teaching and research since she believes all language teaching have many similarities, particularly from the linguistic and pedagogic points of view.   She is also on the editorial board of  Asian ESP Journal as an associate editor.

Her affiliated university is Chongqing University, China

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