Volume 27 Issue 2.3 April 2020

| April 26, 2020
  1. Nazanen M. Fars and Himdad A. Muhammad
    Investigating Productive Skills in Sunrise Series 7-9 from Kurdish EFL Teachers’ Perspective 
  2. Farida Nugrahani
    Examining Performance on Short Story Writing through Blended Learning: A Case of SMA Students in Sukoharjo, Indonesia 
  3. Farhad Mohammad Rajab, Yaseen Alzeebaree and Idrees Ali Hasan Zebari
    Effectiveness of English Language in a Globalized World: EFL Teachers of Duhok University 
  4. Ali Sorayyaei Azar, Yap Pei Yi and Nur Adzdzin Azhar
    The Impact of Malaysian Education and Social Science Lecturers’ Trait Emotional Intelligence and Classroom Discourse on Students’ Comprehension of Learned Jargons 
  5. Hewa Fouad Ali and Venera Ulker
    The Effect of Inquiry-based Approach on Development of Reading and Writing Skills of a University EFL students 
  6. Anugerah Febrian Syam, Muhammad Basri and Sahril
    Intercultural Communicative Competence Development of Indonesian Higher Education Students 
  7. Mayang Pipit and F.X. Rahyono
    The Past Tense Expression of Indonesian Learners: A Morphosyntactic Review and Its Implication toward Teaching Field 
  8. Mustafa Altun and Reman Sabah
    The Effect of Cooperative Learning Strategies in the Enhancement of EFL Learners’ Speaking Skills 
  9. Andi Nurhikmah, Muhammad Basri and Amirullah Abduh
    Bilingual Communicative Competence Development of the Students in Indonesian Higher Education 
  10. Sam Gerard Doran
    Using Asynchronous Online Discussions to Promote Out of Class Learning in Vietnamese University Students 
  11. Besse Darmawati, Muhammad Asfah Rahman and Abdul Halim
    The Implementation of Literature-Based Instruction in EFL Classroom: A Case Study in An Indonesian Junior High School 
  12. Sayit Abdul Karim, Gunadi Harry Sulistyo, Sri Rachmajanti and Nunung Suryati
    Exploring EFL Teachers’ Beliefs about English Language Learning and Teaching: Evidence from Indonesia Context 
  13. Lusia Eni Puspandari and Olivia De Haviland Basoeki
    The Use of Mobile Device in the Application of Education 3.0 to Increase Students’ English-Speaking Ability at Shipbuilding Polytechnic 
  14. Andi Ummul Khair, Vivit Rosmayanti and Ahmad Firman
    Translanguaging Pedagogy in Promoting Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) in Indonesian Higher Education 
  15. Andi Tenri Ampa and Muhammad Basri D.
    The Assessment of Students’ Competencies in Noun Phrase Constructions Based on the Syntactic Functions 
  16. Abee M. Eijansantos, Ericson O. Alieto, Jeraldine dela Rama – Morgia and Criselda Dela Rama – Ricohermoso
    Print-based Texts or Digitized Versions: An Attitudinal Investigation among Senior High School Students


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