Localizing Team-Teaching Research

| June 30, 2004
Localizing Team-Teaching Research

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Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson
Lingnan University, Hong Kong

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Naoki Fujimoto-Adamson Tokyo University of Science, Suwa
12 – 35, 1 – chome, Katama-cho, Osachi, Okaya- shi, Nagano 394 – 0084

This study discusses the methodologies of recent team-teaching research conducted in Japan and puts forward a proposal for qualitative, interview-based research at the local level. Among the previous studies undertaken, various significant procedural and interpretative problems have been outlined in both quantitative and qualitative studies. To counter them, the ‘localization’ of research is proposed for team-teachers, in contrast to the reliance on research which seeks to generalize findings. To enable them to do so, I present an example of how following Nunan’s (1992) step-by-step approach to conducting research and Hycner’s (1985) interview data reduction can be effective for small-scale, qualitative research in one particular junior high school in Japan. Although I do not make claims of generalisability, it is concluded that the methodological framework could provide some useful techniques for other team-teaching researchers who have a large amount of interview data to process.

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