Our Languages Clicked: Shakespeare in EFL Classes

| December 24, 2010
Our Languages Clicked: Shakespeare in EFL Classes

Keywords: Shakespeare, language awareness, culture awareness, text awareness, intertextual awareness, thinking tools

Ai Chun Yen
National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan

Bio Data
Dr. Ai Chun Yen is an Assistant Professor in the faculty of English Literature and Comparative Literature, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan. Her research concerns theories of constructivist learning environments and applications of
technologies for students of Humanities. Her research interests in a broad sense are:
(1) Literature Teaching (2) Literature in Language Education (3) Knowledge Management and Organizational Learning in Literary Studies

This research differs from the literature-based Shakespeare class for EFL students in two main ways. First, the researcher focuses on students development of language awareness, culture awareness, text awareness and intertext awareness. Second, the researcher invites students to incorporate some elements of actor training, not for acting but for feeling and echoing the figurative language, especially the frequently cited quotes. The research concludes that if the students can collaboratively read-and-think-and-feel-aloud the texts with ease, Shakespeare s texts will stop being dead literary texts in black and white and become alive for EFL students.

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Category: Main Editions, Volume 12 Issue 4