Review of Interest In The Learning Of English in the Chinese Context

| September 26, 2008
Review of Interest In The Learning Of English in the Chinese Context

Keywords: interest, learning, integrative motivation, examination, intrinsic, extrinsic

Yang Yunbao and Howard Nicholas
La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia

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Mr. Yang Yunbao is currently a PhD student in Faculty of Educational at La Trobe University in Australia. His research interests are in English language acquisition, motivation and learning strategies.

Dr. Howard Nicholas is a senior lecturer in language education at La Trobe University in Australia. He has wide research and teaching experience in child and adult second language acquisition (German and English) and in the acquisition of German as a first language.

This paper explores interest in learning English from motivational perspectives and how interest changes when extrinsic factors intrude. We have looked mainly into interest in learning English in the Chinese context because we find interest in learning English weakens as students progress from low grades to higher ones. A possible explanation of this phenomenon is that the examinations and tests drive the decline in intrinsic motivation. In other words, extrinsic motivation is responsible for intrinsic motivation declining. Consequently, students lose their interest in learning English . And this sheds some light on how to understand the causes of the current high investment and low efficiency in English learning and why many Chinese learners of English are instrumentally motivated. This paper also stresses the importance of interest in learning English and how to keep it alive for students learning purposes.

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