Task-based language teaching in the Asia context: Defining ‘task’

| September 29, 2006
Task-based language teaching in the Asia context: Defining ‘task’

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Professor David Nunan
University of Hong Kong

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Professor David Nunan is Director of the English Centre and Professor of Applied Linguistics at the University of Hong Kong. He has worked as an ESL/EFL teacher, researcher, curriculum developer, and materials writer in many parts of the world, including Australia, Oman, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the UK.

Professor Nunan has published books on language teaching curriculum development, discourse analysis, second language teacher education, language teaching methodology, and research methods in applied linguistics.

Dr. Nunan is on the Advisory Board of the Asian EFL Journal

In this short paper, I would like to set out some basic principles of task-based language teaching in the Asia context. In 1976, the British applied linguist David Wilkins suggested a basic distinction between what he called synthetic approaches to syllabus design and analytical approaches. All syllabuses, he suggested, fitted one or other of these approaches.

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