Do Boys Listen Better Than Girls? A Brief Experiment

| January 2, 2014
Do Boys Listen Better Than Girls? A Brief Experiment

Keywords: English-medium instruction, foreign-medium instruction, bilingual education, content and language integrated learning, CLIL, immersion

D. Ravikumar
PhD Research Scholar, VIT University, Vellore, India

Dr. V.Anitha Devi
Assistant Professor Sr., VIT University, Vellore, India

It is traditionally believed that girls have better soft skills. Interpersonal relationship is an area of soft skill where listening skill plays a major role. This study was conducted in a rural Indian school where most of the students hail from villages around Gudiyattam, 30 kilometres from Vellore, India. The study was conducted with 248 students distributed in three grades, 6-8, divided into six sections. All these grades had both boys and girls. Story telling activity like „Spin a Yarn‟ was introduced to the class. Simple stories suitable for elementary level and pre-intermediate level were randomly chosen and read to these students deliberately and slowly. A powerful battery-enabled speaker with a cordless mike was used. Students were given tests with multiple choice questions to test their listening skills and the results were documented. The results of this qualitative research suggest that in all the grades and sections boys performed better than girls at these Listening Skill tests. These results suggest that this may be true because boys are motivated and challenged to do game like tests and activities.

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