Volume 91 – April 2016 – Teaching Article

| April 4, 2016

Volume 91 – April 2016 – Teaching Article

  1. Tamanna Mostafa
    A Functional Task Based Curriculum for EFL Students
  2. Heny Hartono
    Communicative Competence Assessment for Teachers of Bilingual Schools in Indonesia
  3. Yih-Lan Chen
    How teachers support student autonomy in EFL context
  4. Harika B. Bilici
    The Effectiveness of Year 1 International Studies Strand of an ESP Program in Year 2: Student Perceptions
  5. Takeshi Sato
    The Feasibility of Critical Reading in ELF Settings: Teachers’ Roles and Modifications
  6. Hui-Yin
    English Pronunciation Error/Problem Analysis for Chinese Students


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