Volume 98 – February 2017 – Teaching Article

| January 23, 2017

Volume 98– February 2017 – Teaching Article

Table of Contents

  1. Muhammad Yunus and Taslim
    English lecturers’ perceptions of task-based reading teaching at ABA Universitas Muslim Indonesia
  2. Donnie M. Tulud
    Probes on the rhetorical moves of research methods in research articles
  3. Nadezhda Chubko
    Video making as a way to improve students’ grammar knowledge: A case-study of teaching grammar in the academic English classroom
  4. Xie Qian
    Recent developments of China’s basic foreign language education: Review and reflections
  5. Yusri, Annisa Romadloni and Mantasiah R
    Intercultural approach in foreign language learning to improve students’ motivation
  6. Saidna Zulfiqar Bin Tahir
    Multilingual teaching and learning at Pesantren Schools in Indonesia


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