Journal 2003

Volume 5. Issue 4: December 2003

Article 1. Thornbury, Scott. Teaching vocabulary using short texts
Article 2. Lynch, Richard. Authentic, Performance-Based Assessment in ESL/EFL Reading Instruction
Article 3. Wang, Agio. A Comparison of Word-formation between Chinese and English
Article 4. Kim, Hyun Sook. The types of speaking assessment tasks used by Korean Junior Secondary school English teachers
Article 5. Baker, Will. Should culture be an overt component of EFL instruction outside of English speaking countries? The Thai context
Article 6. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huyen + Khuat Thi Thu Nga. LEARNING VOCABULARY THROUGH GAMES: The Effectiveness of Learning Vocabulary Through Games
Article 7. Ahn, Sun Hee. A Case Study of a Korean Learner
Article 8. Pollock, Eric.J. The Traffic Cop Syndrome


Volume 5. Issue 3: September 2003

Article 1. Nevar,. John. Teaching English in Japan to Chinese Students
Article 2. Adamson, John. Challenging beliefs in teacher development: potential influences of Theravada Buddhism upon Thais learning English
Article 3. Vu Thi Phuong Thao. The Contribution of Multimedia Tools to EFL Settings Unfamiliar with Technology
Article 4. Lee, Kyung Ok. The relationship of school year, sex and proficiency on the use of learning strategies in learning English of Korean junior high school students
Article 5. Pollock, Eric.J. Using Mystery Stories in the Language Classroom
Article 6. Esmat Babaii & Hasan Ansary. The Discourse Structure of and Sociopolitical Strictures on TV Commercials


Volume 5. Issue 2: June 2003

Article 1. Nation, Paul. The role of the first language in foreign language learning
Article 2. Sperling, Dave. Dave Sperling s Guide to the Internet s Best Writing Resources
Article 3. Otlowski, Marcus. Ethnic diversity and Gender bias in EFL textbooks
Article 4. Dash, Peter. Culture Rejected as an Individual Difference in the SLA Process: Not significant, separate and appropriate, overall -nor for Northeast Asia
Article 5. Robertson, Paul. Teaching English Pronunciation Skills to the Asian Learner. A Cultural Complexity or Subsumed Piece of Cake?


Volume 5. Issue 1: March 2003

Article 1. Ansary, Hasan & Babaii, Esmat. Subliminal Sexism in Current ESL/EFL Textbooks
Article 2. Cheon, Heesook. The Viability of Computer Mediated Communication in the Korean Secondary EFL Classroom
Article 3. Nunn, Roger. Intercultural Communication & Grice s Principle
Article 5. Doyon, Paul. Enhancing Value Perception in the Japanese EFL Classroom
Article 6. Landry, Kevin. Dictionaries Usage in EFL and Learner Development