A Study of High School Students English Learning Anxiety

| September 28, 2007
A Study of High School Students English Learning Anxiety

Keywords: English learning anxiety, high school students, gender

Zhao Na
Shandong University of Technology, China

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Zhao Na teaches in the Department of College English Teaching, Shandong University of Technology. She specializes in the study of second language learning and teaching, especially the research on affective factors, such as anxiety, motivation etc. Her MA thesis is concerned with teachers motivational strategies in classrooms.

Considered to be an important affective variable, anxiety has been found to be correlated with English-learning achievement among different groups of people in various contexts. In order to explore high school students English learning anxiety in Chinese EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classrooms, this study surveyed and analyzed 115 students from a high school in Shandong Province, China. The results indicated that students indeed had comparatively high anxiety in English learning. Males have higher anxiety of English classes than females. And it was also found that high anxiety plays a somewhat debilitative role in high school students language learning. Finally, the possible causes leading to such findings were discussed, and some suggestions for reducing students anxiety in classrooms were proposed for teachers.

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