Volume 24 Issue 4.1 2019

| June 20, 2019
  1. Yentri Anggeraini, Abdurrachman Faridi, Januarius Mujiyanto and Dwi Anggani Linggar Bharati
    The Teachers` Perceptions on Digital Literacy Competences in EFL Classroom
  2. Allan O. de la Cruz
    Surface Structure Taxonomy – Based Analysis of Errors in Written English Sentences of ESL Learners
  3. Muhammad Ahkam Arifin, Muh Syihab As`ad
    Student Engagement, Collaborative Learning, and Flipped Classroom as a Basis for a Blended Language Learning Environment
  4. Elfiondri
    Inter-lingual Errors of Indonesian-English in Relation to English Composition:The Case of Bung Hatta University EFL Students, Indonesia
  5. Muhaemin
    Massive Open Online Course: Opportunities and Challenges in State Islamic Higher Education in Indonesia
  6. Laureana M. Lingan
    Impact of Extramural Competitive Instrumented Learning (ITL) on Students of English
  7. Arjulayana and Cut Novita Srikandi
    Early Semester Student Needs in English Mastery to Support Teaching and Learning Process in English Department
  8. Yuni Astuti, Fadhilaturrahmi and Rini Parmila Yanti
    Motivating Primary School Students With Collaborative Games To Produce Good Character Building
  9. Ikhfi Imaniah
    Microteaching as a Learning Effective Teaching
  10. Ikhfi Imaniah, Ilza Mayuni and Ninuk Lustyantie
    The Student’s Academic Writing Skill in Terms of Academic Procrastination, Self Esteem and Reading Habit at Muhammadiyah University of Tangerang
  11. Badaruddin, Nurdin Noni and Baso Jabu
    The Potential of ICT in Blended Learning Model toward Education 4.0 Need Analysis-Based Learning Design for ELT
  12. Ericson O. Alieto, Aprillette C. Devanadera and Junette B. Buslon
    Women of K-12: Exploring teachers’ cognition in language policy implementation
  13. Caren Casama Orlanda-Ventayen
    Impact of English Language Courses and English Proficiency on Academic Performance of Junior Business Administrators
  14. Ammang Latifa, Rafi’ah Nur and Amaluddin
    Utilizing Google Classroom Application to Teach Speaking to Indonesian EFL Learner
  15. Josephine C. Cristobal
    Reading Levels of ESL Elementary Pupils:Basis for the Implementation of Extension Program
  16. Aprilette C. Devanadera and Ericson O. Alieto
    Lexical Bias among Tagalog-speaking Filipino Pre-school Children
  17. Assim Sulaiman Alrajhi
    Promoting Peer Assessment of Oral Presentation Through Learners’ Involvement in The Design of Assessment Criteria
  18. Narcitas B. Ouano and Melba B. Rosales
    The Level of Integrative Vocabulary of DOST Scholars as Assessed by the C-Test
  19. Magda L. Frutas
    Reading Comprehension and Mathematics Problem Solving Proficiency of Filipino ESL Learners: An Imperative for Bridging the Gap
  20. Loraine S. Tattao
    Workplace Wellbeing and Performance Level of Faculty Members in Higher Education Institution
  21. Dina Abdel Salam El-Dakhs, Maruf Rahman, Musinah Muhammad and Fouzia Amroun
    The Saudi EFL Learners’ Complaint Behavior: A Study on Interlanguage Pragmatics


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