Volume 27 Issue 2.2 April 2020

| April 25, 2020
  1. Ni Wayan Surya Mahayanti and Suwarsih Madya
    The Development of Language Policy and Language Education in Indonesia: Pre-Colonialism to Industrial Revolution 4.0 
  2. Naimah Ahmad Alghamdi
    Gender Representation in MBC Advertisements: A Linguistic Associative Account 
  3. Alif Mudiono, Ratna Trieka Agustina and Sutansi
    The Effectiveness of Integrated Thematic Learning Model Using Project Based Learning in Elementary School 
  4. Anshari, Hasnawi Haris and Sultan
    Representation of Multicultural Values in Textbooks:Democracy and Anti-Conflict in Indonesian Elementary School Language Classrooms 
  5. Maricel L. Dayag-Tungpalan
    Lived-Expeiences of ESL Teachers: Basis for the Development and Validation of Self-assessment Tool in Teaching English as a Second Language (SAT-TESL) 
  6. Imroatus Solikhah and Denik Wirawati
    Mobile Assisted Language Learning and Its Insights in Teaching Academic Writing: A Literature Review 
  7. Susanto, Mohamad Jazeri, Nur Hidayat and Yudhi Arifani
    Does Interactive Whiteboard Affect Students’ Writing Proficiency? 
  8. Suhartono
    On Spoken Implicature of Daily Conversation: How Social Values Form Utterances 
  9. Annie Mae C. Berowa
    When Ethnic Affiliation Matters: Looking into the Compliment and Compliment Response Strategies of the Maranao ESL Learners 
  10. Mohammad Alshehab and Lugman Rababah
    Lexical Legal Problems Committed by Translation Students When Translating English Legal Sentences into Arabic at Jadara University in Jordan 
  11. Analyn D. Saavedra
    Teachers’ Preference on the Local Policy Implementation of the Mother Tongue Based-Multilingual Education: An Assessment 
  12. Lisetyo Ariyanti and Slamet Setiawan
    Referential Expressions in Indonesian Dangdut Songs: What the lyrics imply for social values and language teaching 
  13. Joel M. Torres and Ramon Medriano, Jr.
    Rhetorical Organization of Ilocano and Tagalog Pre-Service Teachers in their Argumentative Essays 
  14. Ahmad Ibrahim Mugableh and Mohammad N. Khreisat
    Longitudinal Examination of the Temporal Variables of Saudi ESL Speakers’ Reading Fluency 
  15. Saraka
    Exploring Intercultural Competence in the Non-formal English Setting Environment of the Students in Kampung Inggris, Kediri, Indonesia


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