Volume 27 Issue 3.3 June 2020

| June 17, 2020
  1. Mac Aditiawarman, Diana Kartika, Andika Prajana, Yuhendra, Ali Mardius and Rahmat Fauzi
    Japanese Language Conjunction and Indonesian Language Conjunction: Review of Contrastive Analysis as Seen from the Use and Teaching Method
  2. Mohammad Shariq
    Difficulties Facing Saudi EFL Learners with Translation: Contrastive and Error Analysis
  3. Ambo Dalle, Johar Amir and Wahyu Kurniati Asri
    Improving Student’s Writing Skill using Serial Images as Learning Media
  4. Selvi Panggua, Nur Fitri and Sushy Teko Patanduk
    Need Analysis: Developing Speaking Skills Training Materials for High School EFL Teacher in Indonesia
  5. Maya Masita, Muhammad Basri and Andi Qashas Rahman
    Globalizing Primary Curriculum in Indonesia
  6. Jamiludin, Darnawati and Waode Ade Sarasmita Uke
    Students’ Perception Toward the Flipped Classroom Model at History Education Department of Halu Oleo University
  7. Siti Azisah
    Gender roles Depiction in English textbooks of an Islamic Junior high school in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
  8. Arif Ahmed Mohammed Hassan Al-Ahdal and Shatha Ahmed Abdulaziz Alkhalaf
    Podcasting in the Teaching of Speech Communication: Exploring New Vistas in a Saudi EFL Context
  9. Nareeman Jabbar Rasheed
    English Language Classroom Conversation among Iraqi EFL Students: A Pragmatic Analysis
  10. Rasib Mahmood, Akhter Habib Shah and Tribhuwan Kumar
    English Language Learning and its Socio-cultural Effects: A Comparative Study of Private and Government Schools of Islamabad
  11. Muliaty Ibrahim and Sunarlia Limbong
    Strategies in Learning English as a Foreign Language Applied by the Students of SMA Negeri 1 Makassar
  12. Roderick Julian Robillos and Patchara Phantharakphong
    Enhancing EFL Learners’ Argumentative Abilities in Written Composition and Critical Thinking Dispositions through Argument Mapping Within Metacognitive Approach
  13. Lalu Suhirman
    Lesson Study – A Japanese Instructional Approach: Empowering Student – Centered Learning
  14. Yang Lan
    Willingness to Communicate in English Language Learning among Chinese Doctoral Students

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