Journal 2008

Volume 10 Issue 4: December 2008

Proceedings from the Asian EFL Journal International Conference, April 2008.

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Foreword by Darren Lingley
Article 1. Rod Ellis. Learner Beliefs and Language Learning
Article 2. Nolan Weil. Vocabulary Size, Background Characteristics and Reading Skills of Korean Intensive English Students
Article 3. Reima Al-Jarf. A Call for New Benchmarks at Saudi Language and Translation Schools.
Article 4. Ya-Ling Wu. Language Learning Strategies Used by Students at Different Proficiency Levels
Article 5. Nora Binghadeer. An Acoustic Analysis of Pitch Range in the Production of Native and NonNative Speakers of English
Article 6. Ching-ning Chien, Wei Lee and Li-hua Kao. Collaborative Teaching in an ESP Program
Article 7. Pin-hsiang Natalie Wu and Wen-chi Wu. One Page Plus, One More Character
Article 8. Muhammad Akram. Speech Acts: A Contrastive Study of Speech Acts in Urdi and English
Article 9. Sripathum Noon-ura. Teaching Listening Speaking Skills to Thai Students with Low English Proficiency
Article 10. Reima Al Jarf. The Impact of English as an International Language (EIL) upon Arabic in Saudi Arabia
Article 11. Wen-chi Vivian Wu and Pin-hsiang Natalie Wu.Creating and Authentic EFL Learning Environment to Enhance Student Motivation to Study English
Article 12. Z.N. Patil.Rethinking the Objectives of Teaching English in Asia
Volume 32: November 2008
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Victoria Rusina. Catering for the Specific Needs of Elementary Level Korean Learners in the Australian ELICOS Sector A Case Study of a School in Sydney

Yuehai Xiao. Building Formal Schemata with ESL Student Writers: Linking Schema Theory to Contrastive Rhetoric
Volume 31: October 2008
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Mehrak Rahimi. What do we want teaching-materials for in EFL teacher training programs?

Selami Aydin. An Investigation on the Language Anxiety and Fear of Negative Evaluation among Turkish EFL Learners


Volume 10 Issue 3: September 2008
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Foreword by Roger Nunn
Article 1. Eva Bernat – Beyond Beliefs: Psycho-cognitive, Sociocultural and Emergent Ecological Approaches to Learner Perceptions in Foreign Language Acquisition
Article 2. Parviz Birjandi and Saeideh Ahangari – Effects of Task Repetition on the Fluency, Complexity and Accuracy of Iranian EFL Learners Oral Discourse
Article 3. Omid Akbari – Teaching Vocabulary Items through Contextualization and Picture to Elementary Iranian EFL Students
Article 4. Li Na, Wang Lin-yao and Yao Ji-wei – Relations Network in the InteractiveESL Class: Analysis of Individuals, Groups, and a Whole Classroom Network
Article 5. Babak Mahdavy – The Role of Multiple Intelligences (MI) in Listening Proficiency: A Comparison of TOEFL and IELTS Listening Tests from an MI Perspective
Article 6. Shan-fang Guo – Differential Effects of Etymological Elaboration and Rote Memorization on Idiom Acquisition [1] in College EFL Learners
Article 7. Yang Yunbao and Howard Nicholas –Review of Interest In The Learning Of English in the Chinese Context
Article 8. Dina Al-Jamal and Nedal Ghadi – English Language General Secondary Certificate Examination Washback in Jordan
Article 10. Seyed Hassan Talebi and Mojtaba Maghsoudi- Monolingual and Bilingual English Learners in one Classroom: Who is at a Disadvantage?
Article 11. Oya Bukyavuz and Sevim inal – A Descriptive Study on Turkish Teachers of English Regarding Their Professional Needs, Efforts for Development and Available Resources


Book Reviews

1. Andy Kirkpatrick. World Englishes: Implications for International Communication and English Language Teaching
2. Muriel Saville-Troike. Introducing Second Language Acquisition
3. Ann Raimes. Keys for Writers, 5th ed.
4. Focus on grammar: An integrated skills approach series, 3rd ed.


Volume 30: August 2008
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Hong Wang. Language Policy Implementation: A Look at Teachers Perceptions

A. Majid Hayati, Shahid Chamran. Testing Oral Language Proficiency of University EFL Students


Volume 29: July 2008
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Sihong Zhang. The Necessities, Feasibilities and Principles for EFL Teachers to Build A Learner-oriented Mini-corpus for Practical Classroom Uses

Carlo Magno. Reading Strategy, Amount of Writing, Metacognition, Metamemory, and Apprehension as Predictors of English Written Proficiency
Volume 10 Issue 2: June 2008
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Foreword by Roger Nunn
Article 1. Giao Quynh Tran – Pragmatic and Discourse Transfer of Combination of Compliment Response Strategies in Second Language Learning and Usage
Article 2. Guofang Wan, Rex Tanimoto, Rosalyn Anstine Templeton – Creating Constructivist Learning Environment for Japanese EFL Students: A Digital Story Program
Article 3. Liu Wenyu and Lu Yang – Research on EFL Writing Strategy Using SRP: An Empirical Study in DUT
Article 4. Han-Min Tsai – Improving an EFL Class: Starting from Classroom Observations
Article 5. Berrin Ui§kun – How Does Context Contribute to EFL Learners Assessment of Vocabulary Gain?
Article 6. Ya-huei Wang and Hung-Chang Liao – The Application of Learning Portfolio Assessment for Students in the Technological and Vocational Education System
Article 7. Bexi Perdomo – Effectiveness of Recasts in the Teaching of EFL
Article 8. Fei-wen Cheng – Scaffolding Language, Scaffolding Writing:A Genre Approach to Teaching Narrative Writing
Article 9. Saeed Mehrpour – A Comparison of the Effects of two Vocabulary Teaching Techniques
Article 10. Roger Nunn – Do Academic Reviewers Readily Accept a First-Person Voice?
Article 11. Phyllis Ghim-Lian Chew – Competition or Cooperation; War or Peace? Language and Education in Singapore

Book Reviews
1. Marion Williams & Robert L. Burden. Psychology for Language teachers: A Social Constructivist Approach
2. Robert DeKeyser. Practice in a Second Language: Perspectives from Applied Linguistics and Cognitive Psychology
3. Yan Huang. Pragmatics
4. Thomas S.C. Farrell. Succeeding with English Language Learners: A Guide for Beginning Teachers


Volume 28: May 2008
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Yu-Li Chen. Factors Affecting the Integration of Information and Communications Technology in Teaching English in Taiwan

Ciarián McDonald. Unplanned Vocabulary Instruction in the Adult EFL Classroom


Volume 27: April 2008
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Malinee Prapinwong and Nunthika Puthikanon. An Evaluation of an Internet-Based Learning Model from EFL Perspectives
Farrow, Nicholas K. Learning to Use the Articles, A and The, in One Lesson
Volume 10 Issue 1: March 2008
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Foreword by Roger Nunn

Article 1. Kyoung Rang Lee and Rebecca Oxford. Understanding EFL Learners Strategy Use and Strategy Awareness
Article 2. Mohammad Rahimi. Using Dictation to Improve Language Proficiency
Article 3. Souvannasy Bouangeune, Masashi Sakigawa and Yukiko Hirakawa. Determinants and issues in student achievement in English at the Lao Secondary Education Level
Article 4. Junko Otoshi and Neil Heffernan. Factors Predicting Effective Oral Presentations in EFL Classrooms
Article 5. Chi Yen Chiu. The Discourse of an English Teacher in a Cyber Writing Course: Roles and Autonomy
Article 6. Nguyen Thi Mai. Mentoring Beginning EFL Teachers at Tertiary Level in Vietnam
Article 7. Zhu Xinhua. Is Syntactic Maturity a Reliable Measurement to Investigate the Relationship Between English Speaking and Writing?
Article 8. Mahmood Rouhani. Another Look at the C-Test: A Validation Study with Iranian EFL Learners
Article 9. Jeng-yih Tim Hsu and Chu-yao Chiu. Lexical Collocations and their Relation to Speaking Proficiency of College EFL Learners in Taiwan
Article 10. Lu-Fang Lin. The Study of English Learners Synthesizing Process While Reading
Article 11. Nilton Hitotuzi. An Economical Approach towards Interaction in the L2 Classroom: A Task-based Learning Experiment
Article 12. Daniela Nikolova. English-teaching in Elementary Schools in Japan: A Review of a Current Government Survey

Book Reviews
Carol A. Chapelle and Dan Douglas. Assessing Language through Computer Technology.
Greg Watson and Sonia Zyngier (Eds.), Literature and Stylistics for Language Learners: Theory and Practice.
Kathleen M. Bailey. Practical English Language Teaching: Speaking.
Guofang Li. Culturally Contested Pedagogy: Battles of Literacy and Schooling between Mainstream Teachers and Asian Immigrant Parents.


Volume 26: February 2008
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Marcus Otlowski. Preparing University EFL Students for Job Interviews in English: A Task-Based Approach

Tuula Lehtonen. Personal Authenticity through Authentic Materials, Authentic Tasks, and Negotiation


Volume 25: January 2008
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Maiko Ogasawara. Classroom Analysis of an Oral Communication Class at a Japanese High School

David W. Deeds. Applying Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) Principles to Business/Technology Teaching in English (BTTIE) for Asian International School Students