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Section A: General  Subscription

Can I submit an ELT proposal to the Philanthropic section?

Yes. Please submit your proposal to editor@asian-efl-journal.com including:

  1. Title of proposal
  2. Who the proposal benefits
  3. what are the costs involved
  4. what groups or organizations are likely to assist in co funding the proposal
  5. Length of project resources needed

Can I apply to be a member of the Editorial review Board

Certainly, please send your details including qualifications, experience, publications, institution and any other relevant information to editor@asian-efl-journa.com

Can my institution subscribe to the quarterly editions?

Yes, to have PDF editions sent to your institution or Library please complete the following data through the contact us page:
Your Name
Institution Name
Indicate which editions you wish to have in Hard copy

We will contact with in 24 hours for subscription procedures


Section B: Publishing

How long will it take to be published?

The Chief Editor will inform you of the date your paper is scheduled for publication.

If my paper is accepted, can I request a Letter of Acceptance?

Yes, this will be emailed to you upon request

How long does a review take once my submission is sent?

The preliminary review us carried out in 4-6 weeks. Acceptance or rejection is notified in this stage. If your paper is Accepted for Editorial review, the process ca take up to 8-10 months by the time you have corresponded with the editors on suggested changes and made those changes.

Are there any fees if I am accepted to be published?


Are there any fees to submit?



Section C: Conferences

Are there fees to present at an International conference?

Yes, you need to refer to the particular conference for full details.

If I present at an Asian EFL Conference, will my full paper be published?

Papers are published in the Professional Teaching Articles section.


Section D: Thesis

How long does it take to get published?

If your paper has already undergone university examination your paper will be published with 1-2 months of receipt.

Are there any fees?


Do you publish theses?



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How do I access the journals?

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How do I update my email address, password, or other details?

Log in with your username and password and go to Profile.

Go to My Account section. Here you can update your emails address and password, as well as your other personal details.

What do I do if I have forgotten my password?

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What are the rules on copyright?

You may visit “Author Rights” page for more details on copyright.