Volume 28 Issue 3.1 June 2021

| June 13, 2021


  1. Vijayakumar Chintalapalli, Shakul Tewari
    Understanding the Use of Academic Word List (AWL) in EFL Academic Writing
  2. Aseel Alshbeekat, Sharif Alghazo
    A Functional-Pragmatic Analysis of Pragmatic Markers in Spoken Learner English
  3. Rajeeb Kumar Sah
    Students as Partners in Learning and Teaching: Assessing the Effectiveness of Student Evaluation of Teaching
  4. Kalaichelvi R, Jayendira P Sankar
    Pedagogy in Post-COVID-19: Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Higher Education
  5. Mary Syrha Goveas
    Contextual Understanding of Vocabulary – A Heuristic Approach Aided by Modern Technology
  6. Poonam Anand, Starr Ackley
    Assessment of 21 Century Skills & Academic Literacies: From Theory to Practice

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Category: 2021 Monthly Edition