Volume 28 Issue 2.3 April 2021

| April 25, 2021


  1. Gibreel Sadeq Alaghbary
    Integrating Technology with Bloom’s Revised Taxonomy: Web 2.0-enabled Learning Designs for Online Learning 
  2. Rahmah Fithriani, Majed Abdullah Alharbi
    The Adoption of Edmodo in a Hybrid EFL Writing Class: What do Indonesian Students and Lecturers Say?
  3. Mohammad Hamad Al-Khresheh
    Reconceptualising the Elements of Effective English Language Teaching through the Lens of Pandemic Induced Online Teaching: An Exploratory Study of Jordanian EFL Teachers’ Perceptions
  4. Yasamiyan Alolaywi
    Learning in Crisis: An Investigation of Saudi EFL learners’ Perceptions of E-Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  5. Ghazwan Mohammed Saeed Mohammed
    Speaking Skills in Online Learning: An Investigation of the Strategies Used by EFL Learners at the University of Bisha
  6. Mohamed Ali Mohamed Kassem
    The Effect of Utilizing CAT Technology on English Majors’ Translation and Motivation
  7. Aishah Siddiquah, Kamal ud Din, Shagufta Moghal, Muhammad Amir Saeed, Fasiha Altaf
    English as Medium of Instruction (MOI): Voices Addressing Proficiency Issues in Pakistani Tertiary Education
  8. Aqsa Atta, Swaleha Bano Naqvi
    Translanguaging as a Pedagogical Strategy to Improve English Reading and Writing Skills at University Level
  9. Abbas Habor Al-Shammari
    Intercultural Communicative Competence in COVID 19 Pandemic Era: An Investigation of Pre-service English Teachers in Kuwait
  10. AliaAyub, Rani Gul, Imran Ali, Maroof Bin Rauf
    Cultural and Educational Stress: A Case Study of Brahui Speaking ESL and EMI Periphery Students
  11. Salah Alfarwan
    Arab University level EFL Teachers’ Code Switching: Types, Functions and Beliefs
  12. Mohammad Yousef Alsaraireh
    Corpus-Based Instruction: Fostering EFL Learning in Jordan
  13. Mohammed Abdullah Alharbi
    Investigating L2 Students’ Misuse of Prepositions in Written English
  14. Mohammad Mujtaba Ahmad
    Approaches to the teaching of poetry in EFL Classrooms: A Critical Study

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