Women in TESOL 1st Annual Convention

| March 24, 2015

1st Annual Convention


  • Gender, TESOL  and higher education
  • Gender, TESOL and the curriculum
  • Education from a gender perspective
  • Gender, education and (International) development)
  • Education for girls
  • Education for boys
  • Gender and educational attainment
  • Gender differences in education
  • Diversity, multiculturalism and TESOL
  • Teacher training, gender and TESOL
  • Culture and power in education
  • History of gender and education.

Call for Papers will be invited from men and women from mid April 2015.

Key Notes Speakers:

  1. Dr.Winnie Cheng
  2. Dr. Beata Webb
  3. Prof. Phyllis Chew
  4. Dr. Angie Romero
  5. Dr. Paul Robertson

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