GC-TALE 2019 Volume 2

| August 2, 2020

Global Conference on Teaching, Assessment, and Learning in Education (GC-TALE 2019)
Singaraja – Bali | 5th – 7th August, 2019
Volume 2

  1. Anak Agung PurwaAntara, Made Kerta Adhi
    A Comparison of the Accuracy of Mean & Mean and Mean & Sigma Methods to Estimate the Development of the Student Cognitive Abilities. 4
  2. Ni Putu Dianita Safitri 1, Laras Oktaviani
    The Effect of Role Play Model based on Performance Assessment on English Learning Competency and Motivation of Hotel Hospitality Students in Dalung Area 16
  3. Gunarhadi, Munawir Yusuf, Subagya, Joko Yuwono
    Gauging the Values of Support System Towards the Post School Transition Programs: A Special School Experience. 23
  4. Kadek Wiramarta, Komang Puteri Yadnya Diari
    Is Balinese Language Truly at the Edge? An Exploration of Students’ Self-Efficacy Level Difference while Learning Balinese Language and English 30
  5. Widana, I Nyoman Murba
    Model of Development of the Early Childhood Education based on Habituation of Hindu Religion Practice in Mataram City 42
  6. Ilham Syahrul Jiwandono
    The Implementation of Dolanan Lengkak Talikto Build The Students Discipline and Honest Character 54
  7. Ni Putu Dian Utami Dewi1, Made Novita Dwi Lestari
    The Indigenous Balinese Wisdom “Tri Hita Karana” Approach in Teaching English as a Foreign Language for Autistic Students 63
  8. Wirawan, Wayan Ardhi
    Representation of Socio-Cultural Education in Memarek Tradition as a Framework for Building Social Harmony 71
  9. Luh Sri Damayanti, Putu Kerti Nitiasih, Made Hery Santosa
    The Integration of Balinese Culture in Students’ Storybook 87
  10. Putu Rusanti, Ni Kadek Ary Susandi
    Difficulties of Nursing Students in Learning English for Nurses (EFN) II at Institute of Technology and Health Bali

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