‘To act in a good way’ Constructions of EFL teacher-self

| June 1, 2012
‘To act in a good way’ Constructions of EFL teacher-self

Keywords: Teacher-Self, Orientation to the Good (Moral and Pedagogical), Nicaraguan Secondary School English Language Teachers

Michael Fennell, PhD
Arab American University Jenin, Palestine

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Michael Fennell is an assistant professor in TEFL in the Department of Modern Languages, Arab American University Jenin, Palestine. His research interests include the construction of the teacher-self and teachers lives.

This article examines the notion of good in the construction of the teacher-self. Brown (2005) challenges those of us involved in ESL teaching…to resist complacency in the construction of ESL teacher identity as a force for good and remain aware of the potential to be much less than this (2005, p.18). This article addresses such a challenge drawing on data collected from a doctoral study into the lives of Nicaraguan Secondary School English language teachers ELTs (Fennell 2007). The study presented a multi-layered model of the teacher-self and it is the second layer which is the focus of this article, showing how an orientation to the good (moral and pedagogical) influences the construction of the teacher-self and how, too, this orientation with its perceived outcome in classroom behaviour falls short in actual classroom behaviour.
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