Volume 17 Issue 3 : September 2015 Quarterly Journal

| September 1, 2015

Volume 17, Issue 3 : September 2015 Quarterly Journal

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Main Articles

Foreword by Aradhna Malik

  1. Sarah V. Harrison. Word Association: Exploring the L2 Mental Lexicon of Korean EFL Learners
  2. Tim S. O. Lee & Shu Yang Lin. A Preliminary Study of the Use of L2 Motivational Strategies in a Business English Course
  3. Eleni Petraki & Maya Gunawardena. The Key Ingredients of an Effective Grammar Lesson: Perceptions From High School ESL Students
  4. Li Wang & Jinsong Fan. Listening Difficulties of Low-Proficiency EFL Learners: A Comparison of Teacher and Learner Perspectives
  5. Diane Hawley Nagatomo. How Being an “Insider” or an “Outsider” Shapes EFL Teachers’ Professional Identity: One Teacher’s Story From Japan
  6. Qi Li. An Intervention Study on the Effectiveness of Motivational Strategy Training in a Chinese EFL Context
  7. Kamaludin Yusra. Providing Quality ELT Services in English-poor English Environments: A Lesson from Indonesia

Book Reviews

  1. Lecture Ready 1: Strategies for Academic Listening and Speaking (Second Edition)
    Peg Sarosy and Kathy Sherak
    Reviewed by İsmail Yaman
  2. New Oxford’s Learner’s Dictionary of Academic English
    Oxford University Press
    Reviewed by C. Vijayakumar

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