Volume 87 – October 2015 – Teaching Article

| September 29, 2015

Volume 87 – October 2015 – Teaching Article

  1. Dedi Sanjaya, Ahmad Azman Mokhtar & Sumarsih, M.Pd.
    The Impact of Personality (Extroversion/Introversion) on Indonesian EFL Learners’ Essay Writing Achievement
  2. Brian Birdsell and Roxana Sandu
    Japanese Students’ Interest in CLIL: The Role of Individual Differences
  3. Sean Michael Thornton
    An Assessment of the Viability of Casual Corpus Concordancing for the Mass Market University English Classroom
  4. Sasima Charubusp
    Plagiarism in the Perception of Thai Students and Teachers
  5. Ruth Hastutiningsih
    Reflected Ideologies in Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s Political Interviews: A Critical Discourse Analysis Study
  6. Aminah Suriaman
    Needs Assessment of English Courses for Students of the Faculty of Economics at Tadulko University

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