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Volume 18 Issue 4 : December 2016 Quarterly Journal

Volume 18 Issue 4 : December 2016 Quarterly Journal

| December 1, 2016

Foreword Custódio Martins
Research Articles
1. Nuttakritta Chotipaktanasook and Hayo Reinders
Willingness to Communicate in Social Media: An Investigation of the Long-term Effects

2. Malcolm Sim and Peter Roger
Culture, beliefs and anxiety: A study of university-level Japanese learners of English

3. Hawraz Qader Hama
A Comparative Analysis of Kurdish Pre-service and In-service EFL Teachers’ Beliefs about English Language Learning

4. Effrosyni S. Georgiadou
The role of proficiency, speaking habits and error-tolerance in the self-repair behaviour of Emirati EFL learners

5. George Elliott Koichi Whitehead
The Rise and Fall of the National English Ability Test: Exploring the Perspectives of Korean High School English Teachers

6. Qing Shao and Paul Stapleton
Marginalizing English in high-stakes tests: an attitudinal study in China

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Volume 18 Issue 3 : September 2016 Quarterly Journal

Volume 18 Issue 3 : September 2016 Quarterly Journal

| September 30, 2016

1. Li-Hao Yeh, Angela Yu-Chun Lu & Krystal Humes
– Integrating the Awareness of Text Structure into Repeated Reading Intervention: Taiwanese EFL Students’ Reading Fluency and Reading Comprehension

2. Mehmet Asmalı & Saniye Sanem Dilbaz Sayın
– The Effects of the Synectics Model on Vocabulary Learning, Attitude and Desire to Learn English

3. Ju Seong (John) Lee
– An Ethnographic Research on a Novice English Teacher with a Ph.D. Degree for the First Years in a Korean EFL Context: Bridging the Gap between Unrealistic Expectations and Reality

4. Carol Griffiths
– Strategies for Developing English Language Writing Skills – Overall and Individual Perspectives

5. Nguyen Ho Phuong Chi
– Creating a Professional Learning Community for EFL Trainee Teachers during the Teaching Practicum: The Roles of Practicum Mentors

6. Tran Le Huu Nghia
– Evaluating Qualities of English Teachers in Commercial English Language Centres: The Development of a Scale

7. Liudmila M. Bolsunovskaya, Raisa N. Abramova, Daria S. Naydina, Anna B. Strelnikova
– Author’s Position Expression in English and Russian Scientific Discourse: Challenges in Academic Writing

Book Reviews

Experiences of Second Language Teacher Education
Tony Wright and Mike Beaumont
Reviewed by Mariya Tseptsura

Methodologies for Effective Writing Instruction in EFL and ESL Classrooms
Rahma Al-Mahrooqi, Vijay Singh Thakur, and Adrian Roscoe (Eds.)
Reviewed by Michelle Denese Kane

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Volume 18 Issue 2 : June 2016 Quarterly Journal

Volume 18 Issue 2 : June 2016 Quarterly Journal

| May 27, 2016

Foreword by Wen-Chi Vivian Wu
1. Pino Cutrone
– Implicit Instruction: Investigating Backchannel Behavior in the Japanese EFL Classroom

2. Susanna S. Yeung, Mei-lee Ng, & Ronnel B. King
– English vocabulary instruction through storybook reading for Chinese EFL kindergarteners: Comparing rich, embedded, and incidental approaches

3. Ali-Al-Issa
– The Effects and Implications of Implementing Oral Presentations in an Omani ICLHE Classroom

4. Anna Dina L. Joaquin, Stephanie Hyeri Kim, & Sun-Young Shin
– Examining Prewriting Strategies in L2 Writing: Do They Really Work?

5. Soyeon Kim
– No Point in Talking about What I Want to the Teachers: A Call for a Dialogic Needs Assessment

6. Diane Johnson & Hsiu-Chen (Antonia) Lin
– Evaluating genre-based writing instruction: Materials, instructional mode and student learning styles

7. Ratnawati Mohd-Asraf & Hazlina Abdullah
– English Literacy among Malaysian First Graders: Boys’ Achievement Relative to Girls

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Volume 18 Issue 1 : March 2016 Quarterly Journal

Volume 18 Issue 1 : March 2016 Quarterly Journal

| February 29, 2016

Foreword by Assistant Copy Editors
1. Toshie Agawa and Osamu Takeuchi. Validating Self-Determination Theory in the Japanese EFL Context: Relationship between Innate Needs and Motivation
2. Le Pham Hoai Huong and Marie Yeo. Evaluating In-Service Training of Primary English Teachers: A Case Study in Central Vietnam
3. Vu Thi Hoang Mai. Pre-Service Teacher Beliefs toward EIL Pedagogy in Teaching and Learning English
4. Jalal Kamalizad and Moses Samuel. The Role of EFL/ESL Settings in Using Language Learning Strategies
5. Rintaro Sato. Examining High-intermediate Japanese EFL Learners’ Perception of
Recasts: Revisiting Repair, Acknowledgement and Noticing through
Stimulated Recall
6. Hao-Che Wu and Tomoko Takahashi. Developmental Patterns of Interlanguage Pragmatics in Taiwanese EFL Learners: Compliments and Compliment Responses

Book Reviews
1. Teachers as Mediators in the Foreign Language Classroom
Michelle Kohler
Reviewed by Nicholas Bradley
2. Silence in the Second Language Classroom
Jim King
Reviewed by Elizabeth Wohlers

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